Outdoor Gas Cooker Camping Gas stove

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Scope of Application

The gas cooker is used in hot pot restaurants, outdoor barbecues, picnics, self-driving tour cooking, student bedroom noodles, family table cooking and so on.
Piezoelectric Ignition
The gas stove is designed with piezoelectric ignition, the flame is individually adjustable, with strong stainless steel pot support.
Safety Equipment
Equipped with an over-pressure protection device, if the pressure is too high, the gas source will be automatically cut off, the live wire is stable, and the heat dissipation is even.
Anti-skid Design
The gas stove adopts rubber anti-skid bottom support, with good anti-skid performance, to prevent side slip during frying.
Premium Material
The gas stove is made of high-strength aluminium alloy with good heat resistance, high quality and durability.
Large Firepower
The firepower does not decay continuously, the firepower is large, and the heat is high, which can reach 150G / H.

Type: Outdoor Gas Cooker
Quantity: 1PC
Material: Metal
Colour: Black
Gas source: Butane gas
Size: 34*28*8cm/13.36*11*3.14inch
Net Weight: 1400.0g/3.09oz


1 * Outdoor Gas Cooker